The School functions towards imparting Holistic Education which will lead to the development of the students as responsible citizens. We inculcate values in them so that they efficiently discharge their duties as individuals and contribute towards world peace. We engage and empower students with skills and knowledge through engaged learning programs. We make our students custodians of their own, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. We aim to nurture excellent all-rounders. To acquaint students with the complete knowledge and allow them to break and set their own limits is what we aim at. Meaning Education is what the school aims for, education should not be confined to the only assimilation of knowledge, it is the collective effort to create better future with the strength of integration.

Extra curriculum activities in the school inculcate zeal and enthusiasm in the students, and also balances the physical and emotional growth, boosting their stamina. The sportsman spirit prepares the students for further challenges, making them strong both emotionally and physically. Equal opportunities are provided to every student to showcase their talents. We provide them with the proper exposure to unleash their true potential, it is our responsibility to encourage and help them discover their potential.


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A DWPS education features inspiring yet challenging academics, comprehensive extracurricular programs and cutting-edge facilities as well as resources.